Laramie, AZ

Laramie, AZ

A lot gets by me.

I'm a writer. I live in my head. And my pajamas.

I had hip surgery recently, which has nothing to do with this blog. But I was in the gym on the elliptical because I'm rehabbing. And god knows, I wouldn't be on an elliptical unless I had a prescription. So, there I was, staring off into the abyss after 30 minutes, I mean 3 minutes, on that damn machine when I heard this from the giant TV screen over my head:

...after careful deliberation Governor Jan Brewer vetoed…religious freedom act…Arizona…designed to give added protection from lawsuits to people who assert their religious beliefs in refusing service to gays…

I almost fell off.

My first response was disbelief.

Just when I thought American's couldn't get more ignorant. 

I guess the anti-gay marriage bullshit isn't bad enough. But, this?

designed to give added protection

Added protection?  So, is there already some protection? 

Do they have No Queer Thursdays? They have to serve those pesky gays except for Thursdaysthen they can breathe a big ole straight sigh of relief? 


Then I had to laugh.

Think about it.

Refuse service to gays. Or anyone who they suspect might be gay? 

How will they know? 

If I'm gay and I live in a state that passes a bill allowing ignorant assholes to refuse me service under cover of religious freedom, I'm gonna act like a teamster until I get my stylish and well groomed self out of that state for good.

If you swish a little too much you might not get that lifetime supply of tube socks from Costco? Better get rid of that Liza with a "Z" key chain. And heaven (although I guess you're not welcome there either) help you if your cell phone ring sounds even remotely like a Barbara Streisand tune.

Will there be a written exam? If you can identify any member of the Rent cast you're out? If you can name any of the Golden Girls you're on immediate probation? All four? Fuggetaboutit.

Then I wondered…what about ambulance drivers? Hospitals? Could they refuse services? 

My mouth went dry.

I'm the mother of a gay son. He's smart, he's funny, he's a loving and loyal friend, he loves his family, he cares about his community, he gives to the homeless. 

You're not gonna let him buy groceries?

Here's the ass kicker- after careful deliberation Governor Brewer vetoed the bill. Well, good for you.

Is that a joke?

What human being would give that sort of bigotry any deliberation at all?

It's that sort of leadership that shoved Rosa to the back of the bus and looked the other way when a 21 year old, gay man named Matthew Shepard got tied to a barbed wire fence in Wyoming and beat to death.

With no respect…fuck you, Governor.

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