Ladies Learning Code's Heather Payne

Ladies Learning Code's Heather Payne

A stunning new blog called Women and Tech joined the blogosphere recently. I call it stunning because it's visually beautiful and full of snazzy JavaScript interactions that make it even more impressive. In this spotlighted post, an interview by Cassie McDaniel with Ladies Learning Code creator Heather Payne, you can sample the impressive blog design and learn all about the impressive Heather Payne. Here's a quote from Heather,

If you’re not in the technology world, if you don’t know any developers or designers, access is really tough. Where would you go to get help? Let’s say you don’t know anything about meetup groups. Forums can only help you so much. That’s what I love most about Ladies Learning Code, it’s in-person two-way communication with no time lapse.

heather payne
Heather Payne by adactio via Flickr

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