Just Back Away

Just Back Away

I did okay yesterday, until....

I did okay yesterday.  I felt good yesterday.  I ate good foods and when we went out to dinner, I had a sushi roll which also counts as good stuff.  Aside from the high salt from the soy sauce (and soy if that's an issue), it was a good dinner.  I had iced tea instead of beer.  All was good until one of the waiters put a packaged chocolate pie thing on our table.  They put enough for all of us.  I knew I should have just tossed it in the trash or given it to a passing stranger, but I didn't.  I put it in my pocket and once the kids were in bed, I ate it!

I ate it after I read the ingredients.  Goodness sakes - the ingredients consisted of pretty much everything we are trying to keep out of our house.   I justified it by seeing that it was only 150 calories.  Ha - only.  

I didn't even particularly enjoy it, but I did eat it.

Thankfully, my off track food did not do any major damage.  Today we have had a breakfast of paleo banana pancakes and a lunch stir fry of cabbage, sweet peas, onions, and a bit of chicken with a light peanut sauce.   I said I was going to go the gym when the kids were napping.  Ugh - That's like right NOW!  I so don't want to get up and go do that, but I'll be proud of myself if I do so I'm going to head downstairs, change my clothes, and get my rear out the door.

And then a shower and some time outside with the kids and a home cooked meal of lamb meatballs in a curry sauce with mushrooms, carrots, and onions.

Off to the gym...

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