Joanie's What's On The Stove

Joanie's What's On The Stove

Joanie's What's On The Stove started by a simple post on Facebook a few months back of what I was cooking that night for dinner.  My friends loved it!  So I started posting on a semi-regular basis.  Friends were commenting about how they look forward to see what I've got going on the stove and more than a few suggested I should start a blog about is my first attempt, ironically, the only thing on my stove tonight is a pot of beans soaking for tomorrow. 

A little about me:  I just turned 52 a week ago!  Native San Francisco Girl and 100% Italian.  I've got 2 beautiful daughters (Adriana 28 and Marina 17), married to Rob and we also have our nephew (Kris 23) living with us.  I've been in the hotel/travel industry for over 33 years and it's given me the opportunity to travel all over the country, meet amazing people and experience multiple foods and cultures.  Marina is now a Junior in high school and plays competitive volleyball (school varsity and club) as well as softball (school varsity).  As all "Working Moms", it is non-stop all the time dropping off at school in the morning, working all day and then picking up after practices in the evening.  The minute we get home it's time to cook - which for me is finally time to relax. 

I'm looking forward to sharing with you, making new friends and getting new ideas.


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