Jewelry Galore

Jewelry Galore

A few weeks ago I did a post about what my jewelry box would say if it could talk. I wrote about how I have a little jewelry but that I never wear it and yada, yada, yada. Well when my mom got here last week she brought a suit case full of my Grandma Rose's old jewelry.

My Grandma Rose was always a very stylish women. Decked out to the nines all day every day. Her style was a bit flashy, and sometimes borderline gaudy. But I always admired her style and how she was always so put together. Never a hair out of place, or a wrinkle in her clothes. Every year, when I was a teenager, for both my birthday and Christmas I would get a box of her old clothes and shoes, which sounds weird (I know) but I loved it. I went to high school in the mid 90's and vintage clothes were all the rage, so the hand me downs she gave me were perfect.

jewelry galoreJewelry Galore!!! This is what the inside looked like when I opened the suit case. This was a mess and so over whelming, I wasn't quite sure where to start.

I knew that my mom was bringing this suit case with her, for me to go through and then sell what I could. I actually thought there were two suit cases. Apparently she had already given some of the other jewelry away to friends and family in California.

It took me 2 days to go through all of this. There were so many necklaces to untangle. Plus, I had to give everything a good look just in case I wanted to keep any of it.

jewelry galorejewelry galore

A lot of it is very gaudy costume jewelry, but the majority of it is really pretty, well made jewelry that is actually quite on trend at the moment. A lot of the necklaces are statement pieces, and the rings are bog and chunky.

Now that I've gone through all of the jewelry and bagged each individual piece, I have to determine if any of it is real, what's vintage, and whats just junk. Once I have all of that figured out I'll be selling most of it on ebay.

jewe;ry galore jewelry galore

Rose had a bit of a HSN/QVC shopping addiction.

jewelry galore jewelry galore

How pretty is that pendant necklace? I will probably keep that one. ;)

jewelry galore

There is so much turquoise and purple I think I figured out what her favorite color are. FYI those are also my favorite colors.

Look at that gorgeous turquoise cross!

jewelry galoreThis is only about half of the watches. I stopped organizing them when I got to 20.

jewelry galoreShop the New Watch and Strap Arrivals at galore jewelry galoreOh the rings! So many rings! And most of them are huge cocktail style rings. Rose is a tiny woman, only about 5'2" and weighs about 110lbs. These rings must have looked gigantic on her. But like I said her style was very flashy.

So, with Rose's permission I will slowly be selling the most of this jewelry on ebay. Keep an eye out for more jewelry posts and get the jump on the sales. I think it's only fair to give you lovely readers an advance peak at what will be going up for sale.

Fingers crossed there are no hiccups and everything goes smooth.



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