It's Quiet.

It's Quiet.

You ever feel like you've been through something, and you've made it through to the other side?  

You don't feel like you've achieved anything, just merely survived it.  

You just want to sit back and catch your breath.  

You want to take a moment.  

You know TAKE a moment, not HAVE a moment.  

It would help you to understand, if I explain when things get crazy around here, you will hear me saying,


Having a moment!


Not tonight.  

Just taking a moment.

Reading some new blogs.  

Getting to know people that are new to me.  

Understanding that there are people all over this world with challenges.  

All of our challenges are different, and somehow the same.


I say..


Grab a hot cup of tea.


Put on some comfy sweats.


Grab a blanket.


And, take a moment.

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