It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun

It's no hot dog anniversary but four years is still fun


Yes, I really fell down on my wedding day. No, this photo wasn't staged.
If you follow the traditional wedding anniversary calendar, year the fourth is either flowers and fresh fruit (traditional) or appliances (modern). While I love me a good blender, I asked T if maybe, perhaps, we could early celebrate the anniversary with a Costco* food court stop. Yes, I am that classy.

Laughing, he asked "Is it the hot dog anniversary then?"

I wish. While we did not get the hot dog of my dreams (seriously, we're not going to EAA Oshkoshthis year which usually involves +/- 3 bratwursts over the course of the 10 days, so I tried to rationalize it was really a calorie saving maneuver), we ended up out to dinner and reminiscing about weddings and the last few years of marriage.

I'm so grateful to have a loving husband who plays with me...
Photographer said "RUN!!!"
Notices when I stumble...
Reaches out for me... 
A little post-ceremony jog.
Picks me up when I fall... 
All hail the polyester blend. No grass stains!
Carries me when I'm tired (okay, mostly metaphorically now)...
Thank you, Todd Emerson, for this wonderful shot!
Holds my hand...
Wandering the Aerospace Museum of California
Dances with me...
One of my favorite shots from the day.
Flies with me...
You saw that one coming, right? With the DC-3.
And wants to spend happily ever after with me...
Happy Fourth Versary, my love!


P.S. All photos except the threshold shot are by the incredible Beth Baugher of True Love Photo in Sacramento.

* Please note that Costco was not the height of anniversary celebrating. We're flying to Halfmoon Bay this weekend!

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