Is It Lame To Skip New Year's Eve?

Is It Lame To Skip New Year's Eve?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My husband and I were invited to a New Year's Party. It's at our friend's house and I just don't want to go. I'm an in-bed-by-10-pm type and usually sleep through every New Year's Eve. But my husband really wants to go. He thinks it will be fun to ring in the New Year with our friends and champagne.

Would it be bad form for me to send him to the party on his own?

Debbie, the New Year's Downer


sparklers and champagne

Debbie, Debbie, Debbie...

You gotta buck up girl! Are you kidding? This scenario is a New Year's dream. Your husband? Champagne? Friends? Can I go? Because right now I am looking at several choices: a $200 price-fixed dinner at some overrated restaurant, a $150 cover charge to ring in the new year at a night club that will probably deem my mature facial lines too distracting for the other party goers and will ask me to leave the premises immediately or an evening of folding laundry that smells like an ocean's breeze.

Look, I get your blasé attitude about New Year's. New Year's is like that hot boyfriend you had in college who always promised to take you to the best restaurant in town or get you killer seats to the basketball game but in the end he never delivered, leaving you heartbroken, paying off a ton in therapy bills. It is the holiday that consistently delivers mediocrity with a stunningly high price tag.

But this year is different. A party with your friends is a New Year's dream. Don't even think of it as New Year's. It's just a chance to go out with your husband and not have it cost a fortune. So eat some espresso beans, chug some Red Bull and put your party hat on. You only have to last until 12:01 AM.

And if the party sucks, you have my permission to stay home next year.

Kelcey, TMH


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