Introducing myself

Introducing myself

This is my first post on BlogHer. I wanted to introduce myself to the community and offer a little more info about me, my blog, and my blogging adventures. 

I started blogging back when blogging came about. I was in high school/college and all my friends were doing it so I thought I'd join the party. I blogged irregularly, I blogged about everything that popped into my head but it wasn't long before the initial spark was gone. 

I created a few blogs and the same thing would often repeat. Then parenthood came, and I didn't have time (or so I thought) to devote myself to blogging. I didn't have time for writing. I used to love writing. 

Then my daughter was born, and I became a stay-at-home mom. Suddenly, I found myself, having free time, while she was napping and my son was in school. I started reading blogs, I started to learn how to create websites. Then I realized I had found my passion. I felt like I was finally doing something that was enjoyable, so enjoyable in fact that I often lost track of time while playing with the code. I enjoyed writing about my experiences and learning efforts.

Last summer, my husband and I were in search of a new hobby we could do together. I suggested blogging, and after much talk and planning our blog was born earlier this year.  We both contribute to it, although the majority of the writing is done by me. 

I hope that I can connect with fellow bloggers, read about their experiences, share mine with them and along the way, make some new friends. 

Thank you for reading.