Interview: "Beverly Hills Nannies" Kristin Spills The Beans

Interview: "Beverly Hills Nannies" Kristin Spills The Beans


If you've read my blog, you know that I am obsessed with the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies. So obsessed, in fact, that they totally rank up there with my Real Housewives addiction. HUGE!

Last week, as I always do, I was tweeting throughout the episode, when Kristin Lancione replied to me saying she would do an interview! Within a day we'd made it happen. She was so fun to work with. I just love her even more now! Enjoy!

Image courtesy of ABC Family

Table For More: As a Nanny, what is the most random request you have ever gotten from a parent?

Kristin Lancione: I've been so lucky that I've never had anything really random or out of line. All of the families I choose to work for are very normal and know their boundaries. 

TFM: I am not going to lie, I cringed a little watching Maggie nanny on last week's episode. I felt bad for her because kids can be overwhelming, especially at that age. How is Maggie doing? Has she found a better fit? Or has she chosen to not take the nanny route?

KL: Maggie is doing great. You'll have to keep watching to see her fate as a nanny :)

TFM: I love your brutal honesty. The one week when you were set up with the Fabio wannabe, I laughed so hard! Was that awkward for you?  Also, what was up with him pulling up in a limo, but HE was driving!?!

KL: It was SO awkward. I was laughing at him the whole time and he just kept saying "you're funny". I think he's a nice guy and means well but definitely not a love match for me. And yes he drives his own limo! lol. 

TFM: Is everyone attracted to Scott? haha I ask because not only is he easy on the eyes, he is an amazing nanny! He works so well with the kids! Does everyone want to hire him?

KL: I think a lot of the girls on our show are attracted to Scott. He's a nice and good looking guy.  I know he has a few jobs as a manny- which is a few more jobs than others can say so yes I'd say he's high in demand. 

TFM: How many hours do you work a week? Or have you pulled back since starting your nanny agency?
KL: I've pulled back a lot because of the Agency. Now that Cindy has Scott it made it really easy for me to focus more time on my agency and other projects I have. 

TFM: Best perk of being a nanny?

KL: Designer hand me downs

TFM: Personally I love you and Cindy's close relationship, as I would want to be close with my nanny! I see comments saying their needs to be a fine line between friendship and work, what do you feel? 

KL: I've always been very close with the mothers of the kids I nanny. I think it's a natural progression. You really become part of the family. But yes there is a fine line and you must always remember you are being paid to be there. 

TFM: Are the BH kids spoiled? If so what do you do to "fix" that?

KL: I've never worked for any spoiled kids nor will I. If I had any advice to give a nanny who had to I'd just say treat the kids like you treat any other kids- if their parents want to keep spoiling them that's their prerogative and you must never teach a parent how to parent. 

TFM: Do you and Amber talk? Or was that the end of it? 

KL: We don't talk. I feel badly about the way things happened with us but she's not someone I can have around. 

TFM: Last but not least, would you please move to Ohio and nanny for me!!?  

KL: Aww. That's sweet- you know Lucy on the show is from Ohio!!


If you're not watching Beverly Hills Nannies it is on ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 9/8c! I will most likely be tweeting during the episode this week and Kristin often live-tweets as well, so make sure you follow her @KristinLancione!  Thanks Kristin!