Influencing, In My Dreams

Influencing, In My Dreams

When I went to BlogHer '12 in New York City last August, I was a babe, uninitiated in the ways of blogger influence and prestige. I had no idea the power of the keyboard on influencing dollars or that people, other than my BlogHer Buddies, cared what I thought.

But, an uninitiated babe no more, I now understand what we bloggers write about in our web sites and cross post to BlogHer can have influence and effect sales. While thinking I was building my web site to empower the sale of my own quilting patterns, without realizing it, in New York City I was slowly becoming an influencer, albeit sorta' unknown and undercover at first.

The lobby of the New York Hilton, site of BlogHer '12.

The only party to which I had been invited was a gathering for BoomBox Network, an event e-mailed to me and looked at with wonderment in my in-box. "What in the world was this? This B(L)OOMERS Party?," I wondered. "Who ARE these people and how do they know me?," I perplexed. And then I read up on them at their web site and found out BoomBox is "the first agency and network to connect Baby Boomer bloggers and influencers with consumer brand advertisers."

BOOMbox Network

So, BoomBox Network is a marketing group for and about the Baby Boomer generation with their giant bite of the available spending dollar pie chart. BoomBox Network had figured out that I'm on the far side of twenty years old and wasn't afraid to tell me so to my face. I didn't know whether to rejoice with my new found friends or be insulted that they were pointing out my age. But, the prospect of a fun party assuaged my misgivings. I always look forward to meeting more BlogHers, so replied I would attend. And my intentions were good. Sincere. Genuine. But...

Here's where I attended the B(L)OOMER Party. a true "My ship came in and I was at the airport" moment, when the evening came to get out and about with blogging Boomers, I was asleep in my room at the New York Hilton. Sigh. I suppose I had an innate desire to prove to all of BlogHer '12 that I was a true Boomer, too worn out to hang at even a party of Boomers. How bad is that!?!

But, the truth is, I had been up until 3:00am the day I traveled, and my train left Union Station in Washington, D.C. at 8:00am. So, doing the math, by Friday night, my resume spelled T-I-R-E-D. I had planned on going to the party with KarenLynn, so when it was time to go get ready, I told her I would take a "short" nap and catch up later. It was never to be. When I woke up at 9:30pm, I looked at the clock saying, "Nite, Nite," rolled over and went back to sleep. So much for influencing anything but my pillow.

Back in the game. To blog is to influence.

Now, however, we can fast forward through the fall when I caught up with Audrey Van Petegem, co-founder of BoomBox Network. I did some fast talking to explain my absence last summer and I am currently influencing for BoomBox. I've met lots of fun writers who don't sweat the small stuff while appreciating each day. Why? Because it might be our last? No, because we are anticipating the best is yet to come!

My group's first Campaign begins today! And, it is a worthy effort getting out the promotions of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association or ASHA at  Our first blog has hit the pavement, impressing me, as I am sure it will you. See what you think when you read, Overcoming Communication Disorders by Karen Austin on her blog, The Generation Above Me. If you are not aware of the BoomBox Network or ASHA, this timely post will serve as an introduction to both. Both do good work and are worthy of your attention.

Don't sleep through the opportunity to become a member of the BoomBox Network. If you are a blogging Baby Boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, consider joining BoomBox as an Influencer. It's time to be compensated for your erstwhile knowledge and experience. Go to

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