Social Media Makes Finding Love Online Easier for Seniors

Social Media Makes Finding Love Online Easier for Seniors

A lot of people see their senior years as a time to just take care of grandchildren, play Bingo, do aquarobics, and reflect on memories. But what does this mean for your body and mind? Most people will reach the age of retirement looking forward to having all the time in the world to do what they please. Some spend time doing what they always dreamed with, only to find that after a short period of time they are bored. Then, they don’t know what to do and their health starts to decline.

In a lot of cases, unfortunately, retirement comes with the loss of people we cared about; we start seeing new widows and widowers who don’t know what to do with their lives and we feel completely lost. There have been several studies focused on the effects of being “in love” or having a happy love life in the after-mid-age years. In 2007, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a report on a study that focused on married couples in which they concluded that married people generally live longer, are happier, drink less, and therefore have fewer medical appointments than unmarried individuals.

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A couple of years ago, there was an article on the news, in which  researchers explored the health of people who were single or who were having a difficult time finding a partner.  It was estimated that average single men live 8-17 years less than happily married men. From these studies, we can easily understand that the effects of being single and lonely are more prominent.

As years go by, society keeps on adapting to the technological advances.

Every day we see more and more services that are internet-based, limiting the amount of time (and choices of places) that we have to socialize with other people. In old times, people used to go outside to perform various important tasks. Today, we pay our bills online, order foods online, and even communicate with many of our loved ones by email. All of this creates a sense of isolation, since we have lost a significant amount of the outside communication. People who are reaching their forties now are more likely to feel this sense of isolation, because they have been using all the technological advancements and are no longer in habit of driving out to do several important tasks.

Here is where social networking and online dating comes in handy, especially for seniors.  Online dating allows them to socialize with people of their age, share their points of view, and engage in discussions on any subject they might be interested in. For seniors who are single and don’t feel comfortable going out to different meet ups, or don’t have the resources to go out all the time, this becomes an ideal scenario. The Internet is one of the best places for more and more seniors to meet online.  There are sites that focus specifically on seniors; you can even find websites that are focused on seniors that have a specific ethnicity. For instance, there are Hispanic websites for Spanish-speaking seniors to meet online. A good website for Spanish seniors to meet is:

Love is an important emotion regardless of age, but when you are a senior citizen, love and friendship are even more important. This is when you really start appreciating what’s important. Being in love makes you have a whole chemistry cocktail going on for you; it makes your hormones work in a better way to generate a sense of overall wellbeing. You start by having increased levels of Serotonin and then in long term relationships, our body produces Oxytocin. Each hormone enhances our moods and can help control stress levels. At the same time, being in love can also help keep autoimmune diseases in check.

It’s been proven in so many cases that happy people live better lives regardless of their socioeconomic position. So, if you are a senior citizen and a single, don’t wait anymore! Get back on the saddle and look for the love that’s out there waiting for you. There are many dating websites that offer a wide variety of options to accommodate your needs and make sure you are comfortable in your search!


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