I'm Sexy and I Know It

I'm Sexy and I Know It

Data Scientist - The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? The Harvard Business Review (HBR) set off a fire storm of analysis when it published its article on The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.  Of course people flocked to the article because of the word “sexy” in the title, and who wouldn’t? HBR wasn’t writing about the current nerdy sexy style of hip hop artist and professional athletes sporting nerdy spectacles, argyle sweaters, and other smart, nerdy wears - they just sport the style.

NASA science visualizer
NASA Scientific Visualizer by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr

HBR’s article was about real sexy nerds in the field data science.  Data science is about helping a company tame the influx of big data that it generates and receives to make better business decisions, create profits, and provide a better user experience.  They help companies make discoveries about data; identify rich data sources, and cleanup data for better data quality.  That is why they are sexy - they generate new, innovative ideas and profits for companies and money is always sexy.  They are the divas (male or female) in the room with expertise in coding, data analytics, data architecture, data storage, data acquisition, and data archiving.  You will find data scientist in data-driven companies like eBay, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Hadoop, Amazon, Google Microsoft, and Walmart.  All these organizations are driven by the data they receive and produce to create a better customer experience which generates greater profits.


Even though the position of Data Scientist has been around for ten years, here is what some Data Scientists have done:

  1. Helped LinkedIn build a tool for “People You May Know”
  2. Helped the Obama campaign, remade the process of targeting TV ads and created detailed models of swing-state voters that could be used to increase the effectiveness of everything from phone calls and door knocks to direct mailings and social media.”
  3. Helped Amazon create a better user experience by tracking clicks
  4. Helped Google analyze web traffic

If you want to be part of this new breed of sexiness in the 21st century, research data science and see how you can get involved and provide great technical expertise to an organization and get well paid doing it.  Get the skills to go with the style - that is sexy.


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