I'm Not That Kind of Blogger

I'm Not That Kind of Blogger

So.. what the hell do I write about then?

1. Blogging. But maybe I'm just stuck in a rut because I can think of 3 - 4 other semi-recent posts where I've blogged about blogging. I do what I do.

2. Culture. But doesn't everybody, really?

3. Soapbox stuff. My new all-inclusive category for the randoms that didn't fit in anywhere. Feminist film rants, racism, sexism, education, gender, socialization.

4. Naturally, my life. But in a reflective kind of way, not a "what am I doing this week" way. Because I'm boring and all I do lately can be summed up like so: look for jobs occasionally, write and think about writing other stuff, read/knit for days, be with the people in my life.

5. Travel. There are some cool photos from my Asian life floating around; however, due to the Blogger-Wordpress migration, I need to resize them. I'll get to it, sometime. A ton of posts and snippets on living/working in China. Plus a personal experiences guest post series starting this week.

6. Possibly books. I read a lot. But I haven't actually read something new and good in a few years. I do eliminate most books because they're not long enough to be worth buying (I can read any book in a matter of hours).

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