I'm Freezing and My Husband Cares More About the Heating Bill Than Me!

I'm Freezing and My Husband Cares More About the Heating Bill Than Me!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

Our house is always cold in the winter and my husband refuses to turn up the heat because he's cheap. Well, that's what I think, anyway. He says 69 degrees is warm enough and that I should just put on a sweater and stop complaining. It's making me really resent him and wonder why he's not concerned about my comfort. What can I do?


Frozen Schmozen


Credit Image: Aine D on Flickr

Dear F.S.,

Man, I hate that "put on a sweater" argument. My husband pulls the same thing with me. And he follows up with, "You can put on as many layers as you want but I can only take off so many clothes if I'm hot." Still, I have yet to see my husband sitting on the couch watching TV naked so I always take that as a sign that I should just go on over to the room thermometer and reset it to 72 degrees.

And then he puts it back down to 68 when I'm rummaging in the kitchen for some snacks. And then I put it back up to 72 when he's in the bathroom. And so on. If we ever get divorced, the reason will be, "Incompatible by 4 degrees."

You might have to succumb to this sweater thing. I know you don't want to wear a big bulky sweater 24/7 but just throw one on when you are cold. If you are still freezing at 69 degrees (I would be so don't be ashamed), then bump up the temperature to 70.  If he gives you a hard time, point to the sweater and say, "Honey, I've done all I can here. Do you really want me to wear my full length parka inside the house?" Here's hoping he doesn't say yes.

Then start counting the days until summer! Of course, keep that sweater around because your husband will probably want the air conditioning cranking!

Good luck,

Kelcey, TMH



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