I'm Doing the 52-Week Money Challenge!

I'm Doing the 52-Week Money Challenge!

Want a relatively painless way to save $1,378 dollars this year? Try taking the 52-Week Money Challenge, which is all the rage of the Internets this time of year.

It's pretty simple. You start by moving over a buck in the first week and build up to $52 in the last week. Or, as BlogHer Books Contributing Editor Karen Ballum suggested, you could start with the $52 and work your way down to $1 during the expensive holiday season. I moved over $1 from our joint account to my business account yesterday. Shhh ... don't tell my husband.

$100 bill

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The idea looks to have been started by Kassondra Perry-Moreland, who owns the Facebook group for the 52-Week Money Challenge, and it went viral last year. Martin Williams of All Things MW talked to Kassondra about why she started the challenge:

“I am a single parent, and I have worked at my job for 22 years. I just worked 53 hours alone in this payperiod and do this all of the time. I decided that this is the year that I will have something to show for working all of those hours instead of just bills left over at the end of the year.I work better if I am held accountable, even in my personal life, so I decided to see how many of my friends would be honest and say they needed help with a structured savings plan, and even if they don’t would they help me. I had no idea that it wold turn into what it has in just the last two hours.

How is this so different from just automatically moving money over? I think it's the variability and the novelty. It's probably the same reason I hate jogging for twenty minutes but am happy to do walk/run circuits for forty. Variety is the spice of life, and hopefully it'll net me enough money to have an amazing holiday season next year!

If you're like me and don't want your challenge to get really tough at the end of the year and want the money for the holidays, here's another variation that ends up with about the same amount but makes the saving pattern more stable:


1 $1

2 $2

3 $52

4 $3

5 $4

6 $51

7 $5

8 $50

9 $6

10 $7

11 $49

12 $8

13 $48

14 $9

15 $10

16 $47

17 $11

18 $46

19 $12

20 $45

21 $13

22 $44

23 $14

24 $43

25 $15

26 $42

27 $16

28 $41

29 $17

30 $40

31 $18

32 $39

33 $19

34 $38

35 $20

36 $37

37 $21

38 $36

39 $22

40 $35

41 $23

42 $34

43 $24

44 $33

45 $25

46 $32

47 $26

48 $31

48 $27

50 $30

51 $28

52 $29

TOTAL: $1378

Are you going to try it?

Rita Arens authors Surrender, Dorothy and is the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology Sleep is for the Weak. She is the deputy editor for BlogHer.com.

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