If You Give A Mom A Cocktail

If You Give A Mom A Cocktail

You know that book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

I was challenged by a friend to come up with my own version. Mine is called, “If You Give A Mom A Cocktail

I’m not a children’s book author or anything, but I think I might be on to something here…


If you give a mom a cocktail, she’s going to want crackers to go with it.

If you give her crackers, she is going to want cheese on top of them.

If you give her cheese, she’s going to want chocolate to compliment it.

If you give her chocolate, she’s going to want to watch reality tv.

If you give her reality tv, she’s going to want a blanket.

If you give her a blanket, she’s going to want a pillow.

If you give her a pillow, she’s going to want a bedtime snack.

And if you give her a bedtime snack, chances are she’ll want a cocktail to drink with it.

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