If Love is Our True Destiny

If Love is Our True Destiny

Friday was the Feast of St. John the Beloved Apostle. Again, just like Thursday, the Church reminds us that Jesus was born as an infant to bring man back to the heart of God. So she chooses to honour the man called the Beloved Disciple during the Christmas season. St. John the Evangelist.  John in Hebrew, Yôḥānān, means "Yahweh is gracious". 

If "love  is our true destiny", as Thomas Merton asserts, then it is true that ," we do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another".  So, we find our true destiny in and through God who is love. But what if we have been afriaid of God? Well, if we have been afraid of God the Almighty Father, then we can look through the eyes of a disciple who loved Jesus and was especially dear to Christ's heart, John, and with him we can look at God in the helpless form of an infant.

To quote the poetic John in his opening lines of his gospel:

12 But to all who did accept him and believe in him he gave the right to become children of God. 13 They did not become his children in any human way -- by any human parents or human desire. They were born of God.

As we continue to celebrate the birth of a holy infant , we also celebrate that this birth gives us the power to be reborn as well as children, beloved children of Abba, a holy daddy .

our children 

The Joy of Mothering

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