Ice Frozen

Ice Frozen

Well, the thermometer got up to a balmy 36 degrees today. But, even so, I am still in the frozen state of mind from earlier in the week.

 Just can't thaw out. So, submitting to the wiles of January, I've decided I can't beat 'em and might as well join 'em.

Now, I like being cold. Looking forward to it every morning when I get up and sip my iced coffee. In keeping with my new aclimitization, I have been looking for frosty visuals and audios to comfort any unforseen warmth. For instance, when I baked cookies and had to deal with a 350 degree oven heating up my nicely frosty kitchen, I started to play the following video to calm myself down.


Refreshing Ice Music

In fact, instead of thinking about snow-birding down to the Florida Keys, like I have in previous years, I am looking into booking a room at the Ice Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi, a small village in Northern Sweden. There I can meet friends in the Ice Bar for Happy Hour, and get up when the world is at its frostiest 4:00am goodness  to go outside while enjoying the Aurora Borealis.

Discover Lapland

After an hour of so of moon bathing with a followup frosty dip, I'll scamper back inside the Hotel to grab a quick breakfast of Fudgesicles. I love my new life.  And, please no hot reds or oranges as I am only interested in seeing cool palette colorways. So, you'll understand why this dance routine, happening in the frigid emptiness of space, is just what the doctor's ordered:

"Pleiades" by enra

So soothing. Ah! Star light, star bright, twinkling sparkles in a cold dark night... Woo! What a rush!

I hope spring never comes.

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