I want to attend blogging events, but I am Deaf

I want to attend blogging events, but I am Deaf

I am writing this blog post for the first-time because I would like to share what I think. I hope that this post helps getting readers' attention.

What's going on with blogging events?

I want to attend blogging events but I am deaf. I do not know if any blogging events would provide sign language interpreters or not. I am concerned that blogging events would not provide sign language interpreters for Deaf bloggers who want to attend. 

Before I was supposed to attend BlogHer '13 last month, I attempted to contact BlogHer about providing sign language interpreters for BlogHer '13. Unluckily, they did not return my email back. I did not understand why. Perhaps, they were too busy or they were avoiding to respond back... I chose not to attend this conference because I felt that there was no sign language interpeters at this time.

Why didn't I attend blogging events such as BlogHer '13?

1. Unfortunately, some blogging events do not provide sign language interpreters for Deaf bloggers and they did not meet my needs. For example, I attended Bloggy Boot Camp last April 2013, there were no sign language interpreters provided. My husband came here to interpret sign language, he was all alone. He was really tired of interpreting all day and evenings. For the first-time at Bloggy Boot Camp, I was the only and one Deaf blogger in that conference. Good thing was that my husband was offered free meals, he did go with me for free so that he did interpret for me all weekend. I thought that it was not so fair to him since he was interpreter alone. I did collect the notes from some bloggers at the conference, they were so nice.

However, I am very disappointed that blogging events have violated the law - Americans with Disabilities Act and then they have ignored the law for not providing sign language interpreters at blogging events.

2. I was concerned that I could lost my money for nothing. What if there were no sign language intepreters provided in blogging events or BlogHer '13? I could lose my money if I attend the conferences with no sign language interpreters.

3. I did not want to write notes via communication with others, it was really rude. In reality, many deaf people do not like to write notes via communication.

Will blogging events and/or BlogHer conferences provide sign language interpreters in the future?

Excellent question! I do not know if all blogging events or BlogHer conferences will provide sign language interpreters or not.

Should I attend blogging events such as BlogHer conferences in the future?

Good question! I can attend blogging events and/or BlogHer conferences unless they provide sign language interpreters.

Hopefully, blogging events and BlogHer conferences should make some amendments to welcome Deaf bloggers to attend so that they can provide more sign language interpreters.

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