I Miss Gingerbread Houses

I Miss Gingerbread Houses

Way back, in almost another lifetime, we didn't have Pinterest to inspire us to do fun holiday things with our kids -- we had magazines and I was a big fan of the magazine. I remember one edition that featured the most beautiful and the easiest gingerbread houses. I cut out those pages and put them into a craft binder and planned to make these with my, at the time, two small children. (Yes I had a craft binder. I had several craft binders and I still have a couple of those.)

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We used graham crackers and store bought icing. We used sugar cones for trees, and tons of candy and Teddy Grahams. The children had so much fun making those, even when they collapsed into a horrible mess or the dog nibbled on them during nap time.

They were such a hit that I spent the next 10? 15? years making them with my kids, and the neighborhood kids, and with Girl Scout troops and Cub Scout dens.

When TW and I moved in together and blended our family, I started making them with the three smallest children and they had fun with them, too. But their father remarried, and his wife wanted to make gingerbread houses with the kids, using real gingerbread! -- so I graciously (at least publicly) stepped out of the gingerbread house making experience and let her have it.

Several years have gone by, that stepmother is gone and there's a new stepmother now, and I don't know whether the little kids have made gingerbread houses again since that one time with "CH".

I've thought about asking them if they want to do them again -- but I haven't. It's just one more thing during a very busy time in our lives so I just keep letting it go.

We still bake for the holidays. We still decorate our Mint Sugar Cookies every year. But I miss those gingerbread houses.

Every time I see a post or a pin or a video about gingerbread houses, I think again about asking them if they want to make them. Or just presenting them with the stuff and letting them make them -- or not.

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The youngest child is 14 now. If I'm going to have one last Hurrah! with the gingerbread houses, (at least until Johnny Mac Pippin comes to visit for Christmas), then this is probably my last chance.

I think I'm going to go for it. Wish me luck.

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