I Know I’ve been Picked Out to be Picked On but Racial Profiling is Wrong!

I Know I’ve been Picked Out to be Picked On but Racial Profiling is Wrong!


I Know I’ve Been Picked Out

It was a Wednesday, midweek upon me, and for the most part the morning started out well. I had little time to get to the store to find one item in particular in preparation for our upcoming Women’s Prayer Breakfast scheduled that following Saturday morning.

I needed to find a dress. Not that I didn’t have any but wanted one in particular that was pastel in color. I woke that morning with joy in my heart, feeling I could conquer the world in spite of not getting sleep the night before or struggling with pain when I woke. I talked with my Mom earlier who after a long conversation thanked me for encouraging her that day. And in some way I felt I had encouraged myself too and decided nothing would take away my joy that day.

I had a few places in mind but decided on one well-known department store (that I will not mention to keep their reputation in tact) that I normally do not shop at but because it was on my way to my sister’s I would stop there first and then make my way to her house. When I arrived at the store I was a bit tired after being in the sun longer than expected but still pressed towards my goal. I found a dress that was simple, yet I felt was elegant enough to suit the cause. Not to mention I fell in love with it! It was a dress made of thin crochet and you can clearly see everything through it because there was no slip inside (that should have been attached) to hide my bodily imperfections. :-) Even though I love my body, I knew I needed to have the slip and said I would look for one in the store later. I went to try it on.

I notified the sales lady at the fitting room of the issue and she said she would let the manager know before I check out. She complimented me on the dress and said how she thought it was beautiful. After trying it on, I stopped first at their lingerie section to look for a slip I thought may go with the dress but didn’t find one. I went back to the rack hoping to find the same dress with a slip to see what type I needed and to my surprise I found the same item with a slip inside. Yay! I was excited. My initial thought, “Try on the slip with the dress before making my final decision to purchase it.” The problem; it was a size 4 and I needed a size 8 (well…I can fit into a size 6 at times lol). But I didn’t let that stop me. Although I did have a slip at home, it was not the same color as this one but because the slip seemed large enough to fit, all I needed to do first was see how it may look under the dress. I proceeded to do just that.

At the dressing room was another sales lady along with the one I encountered the first time and she explained the situation to her. I told her I found the same dress with a slip but it did not have the designer name on the label and upon inspection we agreed it was not the same size. The other sales lady who I will call “Miss I Need To Do Things My Way” interjected with her opinion regarding the store policy on items received and made it clear the dress I had could not be paired with the slip because it did not go with that item nor would they allow me to purchase it that way. “You cannot take an item and put it with another item to purchase.” Me:”Ma’am I know that” (by that time I was irritated). She further proceeded to explain that sometimes items come in to the store missing other items but they sell the item as is. Me: “Ok” ,“Mindless chatter.”

I go into the dressing room, try on the dress with the slip and loved it! I come out and notice now there are three sales ladies, not realizing until later that the third one was an area supervisor who I will call Ms. Very Nice Area Supervisor. I didn’t think anything of it because like I said, I had one goal in mind; joy in my heart to get what I came for and not let anything or anyone ruin my day. I needed a dress and that was my only goal. The third lady looked at the dress and expressed how beautiful and unique it was. She could see my enthusiasm as I expressed the same thing and told her I would be purchasing the dress and will place the slip back with the original dress, and deal with having to find a slip at a different store. I said, “Thank you” and left.


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