Spring Break Is Coming Up! How To Vacation With Friends

Spring Break Is Coming Up! How To Vacation With Friends

I’m sitting on a patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Heaven … no, seriously, I’m not exaggerating, it’s literally heaven.  Never in my memory have I needed to feel the sun on my face more than this winter.  Leaving approximately two feet of snow in NJ, we, the four couples, the eight friends, have arrived.

Paul, the concierge, otherwise known as St. Peter, opened the pearly gates when he met us, brought us up a few flights of stairs and showed us our home for the next seven days. Yup, definitely heaven.

We are lucky, indeed: lucky to be here, of that there is no doubt, but lucky as well to be here together.  I find that it’s a rarity in this life to find four couples who all genuinely enjoy each other and look forward to seeing each other for this week every year for the past seven years. So far it’s been a little like the movie The Four Seasons without all the drama.  So far ...

We came together through our husbands, which is unusual because I think women typically forge the relationships and tend to drag unwilling spouses into social settings they deplore.  This group works because relationships cross all gender boundaries.  I care as much about the men as I do the women.  It’s quite a special and unique experience and is one I value greatly.

But even the best, oldest and strongest relationships are subject to difficulties, and any time eight people decide to travel and live together for eight days outside of their daily routines issues can arise.  We’ve managed to avoid most of the trouble by being very careful.  Here are a few rules we’ve adhered to over the years that have made our time together truly memorable.

group photo

Credit Image: Benjamin Chun on Flickr


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