I Food Poisoned Myself!

I Food Poisoned Myself!

I food poisoned myself... and the same thing could happen to you.

I didn’t wash my vegetables carefully enough and that made me stay-in-bed sick for two days. Self-inflicted food poisoning.

How many times have you bought fresh veggies, given them a quick swish and rinse and then added them to whatever you were cooking? Didn’t think twice about it, did you?

But how do you know if those carrots weren't  accidentally dropped on the supermarket floor, then returned to the shelf and nestled in with the other bunches? It looked okay... green and fresh and supermarket floor dirty.

And what about those apples? No bruises, right? Well maybe the person who was searching for the perfect apple just before you had something very contagious and touched the very same apples you’re carting home. Sure, you’ll wash them... but how well?

I could go on and on and get even more gross, but there’s no reason to... you get the drift. For a while I was using Rebel Green Fruit and Veggie Clean.... but I ran out and didn’t replace it. Mistake. Rebel Green is made with all natural ingredients that lab tests have proven remove some of the most common strains of bacteria and pesticides on fresh produce... more effective than rinsing with water alone.

I’ve pulled together some more quick tips to keep your family safe and prevent foodborne illness in your home.

Veggie Food Safety-Food Poisoning


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