I can do it....I CAN

I can do it....I CAN

Yep, I can.  I can do stuff.

I can:

Keep house straight
Do all laundry
Get homework done
Get all meals made
Take care of 6 pets
Clean up disgusting things from above mentioned pets
Take out the trash
Sign all the necessary school related papers
Break up numerous Ginger boy in-fighting shenanigans
Go on a trip for Spring Break
Go to the store
Change batteries
Require my boys to clean up their messes
Get things done at the office
Keep details notes on every flipping thing related to my divorce…to the nth degree
Manage to buy the right things at the grocery
Commit to cleaning out closets (Just commit…not done…yet)
Unstop toilets
Change all the air filters
Get clothing for younger Ginger that now wears a larger size than older Ginger
Answer 15,343 emails per day
Keep it together…somehow.

Yep…I can.  Sometimes….I falter and think “crap…I can’t…”


I must…so ‘can’t’ isn’t an option.