"I am Richard Dawson, Your Majesty" Memory Provides What Life Does Not

"I am Richard Dawson, Your Majesty" Memory Provides What Life Does Not

"Memory Provides What Life Does Not"-

The late Richard Dawson, host of the old "Family Feud" TV,  series could boast (if you want to call it that ),  of one the most bittersweet memories. He had to balance the reality with those that are an Englishman's highest hope: meeting the Queen of England.

Richard was playing the London Palladium along with actor/singer Howard Keel, in the mega-hit musical of the day "SHOWBOAT."  After the performance, he lined up with the others of the cast to be 'received' by the Queen. As he approached, one of the Queen's footmen whicpered in her ear. She turned to Richard and extended a gloved, bejeweled royal hand. Richard bowed and extended his hand. Their eyes met, and with a twinkle in hers, she firmly stated:

   "Mr. Keel, you've never sung finer!"

After a second of stunned, shocked silence (one does not correct the Queen of England)  Richard respectfully ventured:

   "Your Majesty, I am Richard Dawson."

Her Majesty only blinked for another second. Then, in reasons known only to her, she threw back her head and laughed:

   "Oh, Mr. Keel, you're far too modest!"

The line moved on and the moment was over.  I think Richard spent the rest of his life trying to reconcile his joy at the greatest moment in his life as an English citizen and the Queen's innocent faux pas.

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