Hunting down the Headaches

Hunting down the Headaches


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  I am not a doctor.  Well, I want to be.  Not a medical doctor.  But to be amongst the less than 2% of Americans who have reached the highest level of education.  

Advocating for myself, as an MD would; I am investigating why headaches has visited me and have not left.  He, she...or perhaps "they" have found me and do not want to let go.  

 They hold on so tight they sometimes make me shiver! And so, I have developed a plan to remove them from my life.  The plan is multi- facet. I have had to include a number of people and a number of approaches to stop the hate.  

 Medication is always the first option.  It cannot be the only option! We will look at diet as well.

 But what about the foolishness one endures on a daily basis? This must be addressed.  

 There are a list of them too many to disclose.  Yet, it is important to give a glimpse of headaches that clings tightly. 

 -Leaders that undermine you despite your best work efforts

-Decisions that on the surface sounds justifiable but dive deeper to discover the vindictiveness that drives the decision 

-Support to some but none for you

-Surround by coworkers who manifest the gossip but fail to speak up when it truly matter

-Frivolous fact-findings

-Endless Enraging Operations (EEO) with no authentic solution

-Riveting from reprisal that arrives after the complaints

 Without a medical degree, one may have to wonder if these experiences do not contribute to my headaches.

 My multi-group has given the headaches another six weeks before we make the decision to not tolerate its stay any longer.  

 We are hunting the headaches and deleting them as we find the cause!


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