How A Wounded Warrior Helps Me With My Weight Goals

How A Wounded Warrior Helps Me With My Weight Goals

Ever since I started my fitness journey at the very beginning of the year and joined a local gym, I’ve been looking for sources of inspiration to make me stay on goal with my new fitness-fueled lifestyle. As I type this, I’m at around 205lbs and my main number is I still have a bit a ways to go!

So, where did I turn to for sources of “Fitspiration”? I started out with Pinterest and of course, was bombarded with pictures of fitness models with their near-flawless bodies that consisted of chiseled abs, toned arms, and killer quads. There is no doubt that these women are beautiful! But just looking at that alone didn’t spark that fire and give me enough motivation. Until I saw this picture in January;

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I had no idea who this man was but I included him in my Pinterest board full of workouts and fitness models. This picture was just what I needed to keep my motivation to keep hitting the gym going. Tis man has half his body missing and yet, he’s participating in the Spartan Race and meanwhile, what excuse was there for my whining about forcing myself going to the gym because my legs and core are sore from yesterday’s workout?! This picture truly serves you with a slice of humble pie and is a picture that I see in my head quite often when I’m going at it hard in the gym.

Just yesterday, I found out who this wounded warrior was thanks to a friend’s post on Facebook. This wounded warrior is named Todd Love and he was a Recon Marine that was injured in Afghanistan in 2010 after he and his platoon stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). I cannot imagine the kind of recovery he had to battle, both physically and mentally and yet, he still braved through it all. Seriously, if something like this doesn’t inspire you to give it your all whether it’s at the gym, the park, a jogging trail, or home...then what in the heck does?

So, when I have a beer on cheat day, I’ll toast a cheers to you sir, for your service, strength and inspiration to many!


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