How Waking Up First Helps Me Stay Present

How Waking Up First Helps Me Stay Present

Rising with the sun is tranquil. My wake-up aim: 5:15. The morning is serene as I scamper around the house, no one else stirring until around 6:30.

It's the calm before my other roles kick in.

As evidenced in the story Five Minutes Peace, carving time for yourself, mom or not, can be tricky. If it's one of those days: Watch (or read) this sweet story about trying to catch 5-minutes of "me time."

What I imagine:

The reality:

Making an effort to wake-up earlier allows me to be prepared for whatever life happenings pop up, and to stay present.

Don't give into the snooze button. Start your day 15 minutes earlier. I swear, you'll be thankful.


The time before anyone else is up is all mine, and sets the tone for my day.

Get excited about the morning: My morning routine motivates me to push through the snooze reflex. Here's my lineup:

  • Start the coffee maker. My first sip of coffee is happiness in a mug.
  • Exercise.  I do a home workout, three mornings. Weights, yoga, kickboxing, and a bootcamp DVD, are all part of my repertoire.
  • Write. My creative juices flow in the a.m. Some days I write more than others.
  • Meditate. I have an inspirational perpetual calendar and read the daily wisdom. Then I sit for a few minutes, reflecting on my intentions for the day and practicing mindful focus.
  • Check the to-do list. I use this time to mentally walk through the day, focusing on one or two personal/family to-dos for the day.
  • Drink a glass of water. Dehydrated from sleep, I refresh with a glass of water. Then I do my Neti Pot.

I won't lie: It is painful many mornings, especially after a Mad Men marathon, or in the dead of winter. And I don't do it every day. I also enjoy the luxury of sleeping in.

Happy Fourth of July! We're joining family in Wisconsin for a BBQ, croquet tournament, and backyard fireworks.

Ciao for now.

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