How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards

How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a powerful social media tool that has the potential to enhance your brand and drive significant traffic to your blog. Let's talk about how to organize your boards to make them visually appealing and useful to visitors.

how to organize your pinterest boards

If you are on Pinterest to promote your blog or business and hope to grow your Pinterest following to enhance your brand, your Pinterest profile page should represent you and the best of what you have to offer. (And even if you're only on Pinterest for the fun of it, you still may want to take some time to pretty up your profile.)

Showcase Your Best Content

An eye tracking study conducted for Mashable shows that the boards you place at the top and center of the page get seen by the greatest number of viewers. So I put the board where I pin my best content on the top row, right smack dab in the middle of my Pinterest page.

How to Organize Pinterest Boards

Then you want to move your best, most relevant content to top two rows because these are the boards that people see first when they land on your Profile page. Depending on your topic, you may want to organize your boards alphabetically or by subject. I've always organized mine by subject, with the food boards at the top since they're my most popular and then the fashion boards after that and son on. I also have a section of seasonal boards organized in chronological order.

I like to move the ones that are currently relevant and put them at the top. You can see that right now I have my Easter and Spring boards on the top row, along with my Musings of a Housewife board. Then I go into the food boards. Soon I will put those spring boards back in their proper place among the seasonal boards, and I'll move a few summer boards to those premium top spots.

I spent an entire day organizing my Pinterest boards recently. Yes, I am that crazy! As I put the boards into place, I tried to arrange them in such a way that they tell a story. I want it to make sense as people scroll down through my boards.See what you think!

Not sure how to move your boards around? It's easy with the New Pinterest! Just drag and drop, and that's it! There is no longer a save button so you don't have to worry about losing your changes.

Set Board Covers

Make sure to edit your Board Covers so your prettiest image is what shows, and it is properly aligned in the allotted space. I can't believe how many people don't bother to do this. I have several group boards that I'm part of, and I have to stick down at the bottom of my Pinterest boards because the cover photos haven't been set. That defeats the whole purpose of Pinterest, people. Make it pretty!!

I actually went through and messed up a few of my boards to illustrate my point. See, look. This right here makes me twitch.

edit your pinterest board covers

You can fix this unfortunately state of Pinterest affairs by hovering over the image and clicking "Change Cover" when it pops up.

Pinterest: How to Change Your Board Cover

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