How Many Times Do You Kiss A Day?

How Many Times Do You Kiss A Day?

When I'm with the grand babies, I bet I kiss a thousand times, each one on their precious sweet smelling heads. And some times, I get the "mmmmm smooch" from both boys and that just makes me melt. Some how, both the boys are cuddle-bums. I guess it is because Nik and I never put them down when they were infants. Whatever, we did it right because they both love to snuggle. So with kids, especially grandkids, it's hard to make a kiss count accurately. I'll try next time I'm holding one of them!


Next, let's move on to spouses/partners. Hubby and I ritual kiss. We always kiss hello and goodbye, and sometimes one of us will trick the other into a second kiss claiming memory loss as an excuse. Age has it's perks too :) We kiss goodnight before we roll over and close our eyes at night.

Now that my children are grown, I don't kiss them as often as I used to. They weaned me of excessive kissing when they were teens. But when I go over to visit my daughter and the boys, she always kisses me hello and goodbye. I guess I did something right with her too! My son on the other hand, well I have to steal kisses from him. Which proves easy because he lives in Philly so when he comes to visit, I have the "momma hasn't kissed you in 4 months" excuse to kiss him hello and goodbye when he goes home.

My mom is a hugger, and she has always dubbed me the "cold fish" of the family because I have my space bubble and I don't like it infringed on unless I am willing. That barrier has broken down a bit as I've grown older. I do kiss mom on the lips whenever I see her. Same with my stepdad. My extended family, the Italians, they are all kissers. And huggers. I love getting together with them for our annual Christmas Party.

Let's not forget the puppies! Dogs need kisses too. 3 of my dogs have squished in faces and look like monkeys, and they just love to be kissed on the head. Ted E. has a snout because his daddy was a Yorkie (he's a Yorkie-tzu). I kiss him on the nose.

How about you? Are you a kisser? How many kisses do you plant a day?


 Thanks to @kisschronicles for the prompt this morning! 

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