How Many Kids Do You Have?

How Many Kids Do You Have?

"How many kids do you have?" It's a normal question to ask another mom. However, for some -- many more than you realize at first thought -- it's a loaded question. Not only does it bring up memories that may weigh heavy on a mom's heart, but it also calls into question who is asking and why and what are the boundaries of sharing and how much does everyone need to know and on and on. Kat at No Holding Back wrote about it recently, having lost one of her twin daughters to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

She shares a recent exchange:

The other night I was started down a similar path, but luckily my dear friend came to my rescue. We were at a girls night out and I made a comment about when the "babies were born." A woman I just met looked at me, her face lit up and she asked "You have twins???"

I replied. "I did. I don't anymore." (Where do you go from here???)

I encourage you to read her post, not only because it's important to understand how the question might make some people feel, but because Kat wants to share her daughter's story to spread word of TTTS.

Twin Blooms
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