How to make a wishing tree

How to make a wishing tree


NaBloPoMo is coming to an end in a few days and I just realized that I have never shared anything useful to you yet, so I have decided to come up with a DIY/Tutorial (sort of) post on how to make a wishing tree.


The idea came to me before my daughter’s first birthday when I thought that guest books were too boring and chances are, most guests would forget to sign it at all. I’ve heard of wishing trees used in weddings so I thought, why not make one for a birthday party?


So I did!


This, by the way is also perfect for a last minute Thanksgiving decor.


What I used are the following:


A dried up branch or twigs


paper flowers/leaves


glue stick/glue gun


wish tags


fancy pen


a ceramic holder


small rocks


Here’s what I did:


I found a bunch of dried twigs somewhere, bended them a bit and tied them down so they will take the shape of what I had in mind. I left it like that for a day, removed the strings and viola! Perfectly trained twigs.


twigsYou can skip this part, the only reason why I did this was because I didn’t like the shape of the twigs I found.


Then using the glue gun, I squeezed a generous amount of glue to the inside bottom of the ceramic holder and stuck the twigs to it. Held it in place until the glue hardened up. Next, I placed small rocks over the glue and around the twigs to cover the evidence of imperfection.


Then I glued the paper flowers and the leaves to the branches and prayed they wont fall off.




I Googled for a wishing tree instructions template and printed it on special paper, glued it on a cardboard, added a small accessory and just placed it near the tree.


Done! Easy peasy.


2Place your wishing tree where the guests can easily see it, make sure to have pens and the wish tags ready too. Our guests loved the idea and everybody was able to write notes and wishes for our little one and hung it on the tree.




All the wishes and dedications are now kept in a special box which I will give to our daughter when she turns 18 years old. If I’m still alive by then. Otherwise, she will just have to discover it herself, hidden among my personal belongings in a native bag somewhere in the house.


You can definitely make this for Thanksgiving. You and your family can write about things that you are thankful for and hang them on the tree. What to do with the cards later on is up to you, you can frame them, scrapbook them or keep them in a box for you to look at whenever you are feeling down and blue. It is always nice to be reminded of the things we should be thankful for.




So, is this worthy of a Pinterest pin? No? Just vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs then. :)


Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving celebration!




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