How to Make a Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee

There is nothing like a cup of really good iced coffee on a warm summer day. You know you are in for a treat when the barista hands you a cup filled with liquid that sparkles like a dark diamond. Taking that first refreshing sip, the flavors slowly blossom, starting with the robust, toasted notes of the coffee beans and ending with a slightly sweet flavor that lingers on your lips. There is no need for sugar or milk; with one sip, you are totally in the moment.

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Unfortunately, brewing iced coffee seems to be a science that not all baristas have figured out. One day it will be perfect, and the next day it’s a total disappointment. I started to wonder if there was a fool-proof way to make it at home.

If you have ever tried making iced coffee, you know that pouring a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee over ice is not great. The biggest problem is how to keep the rich flavor of your coffee without the ice watering it down. If you brew an extra-strong pot to balance out the melting ice, or let your coffee cool before drinking, you risk a strong and bitter aftertaste.

The trick to creating that fresh-from-your-favorite-cafe flavor requires a little patience and a new approach. Skip the coffee pot altogether, and let your coffee grounds soak in cold water overnight. This cold-brew method not only brings out the natural flavors of your coffee beans, but saves you from a watered-down or bitter drink!

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