Work Lunges Into Your Exercise Routine

Work Lunges Into Your Exercise Routine

Summer time is upon us, which means that we're wearing shorts, skirts, and swim suits! Summer styling is just so much simpler. And, I know you've heard about my love of flip-flops. I'm a happy girl, just because of my flip-flops.

Along with the summer season we usually have more travel and less routine. Two things that also make me happy! But with these changes can also come the need to squeeze in more exercise "on the go." The cool thing about a lot of different exercises are that you really can do them anywhere.

Today I am going to break down the STATIONARY LUNGE for you. As a fitness instructor, this is probably the exercise that has required the most amount of coaching over the years. Lunges are hard. Lunges take a lot of discipline to do correctly. But trust me, they can get you some awesome results. Results of lean, strong, and toned legs. Which sounds good to me with all of this short and skirt talk.

Let's break it down...

Stationary Lunge/Starting Position

lunge 1

Stationary Lunge/Mid Position

lunge 2

Stationary Lunge/End Position

lunge 3

In order to be successful with your lunge work, follow these tips below. These are the tips that I repeat over and over to the members and clients I work with. It might be helpful to start out doing lunges in front of a mirror to double-check your form. Make sure that you look from the front view and also your side view. Practice will make perfect!

Tip #1

Place your feet about shoulder width apart. I've been known to say hip width, but really that is further than you need to have your feet spread apart. Try to visualize being on a set of snow skis. You are aiming for stability, so that when you step back into your lunge you will be able to better balance. Try to avoid the awkward feeling of being on a balance beam!

lunge 4

Tip #2

Your goal is to have 90 degree knees. That means that your front knee should cast a shadow over your front foot and your back knee should be directly under your hip. In addition, your back knee should be in the same line as your hip and shoulder.

lunge 5

Tip #3

Keep you back heel lifted at all times. Yes it makes the balancing harder, but it will also help to work your overall body, especially your core. Keeping your heel lifted allows you to better reach the 90 degree knee goal.

lunge 6

Easy enough right? Well, yes and no. Try to start with a set of 10 reps on each side. Start small and continue to add more reps as you build up your strength and balance.

Throw a set of lunges in during a commercial break or when you are waiting for something to finish up in the microwave or in your hotel room. You don't have to be committed to a full workout to get a little benefit throughout the day.

Form should always come first and be sure to listen to your body. If you have any knee problems be sure to modify by not doing as full of a range of movement or consider holding a static lunge, versus moving up and down.



As with any diet and/or exercise plan, always consult with your doctor.

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