How to Keep Your Man Interested When You Think He's Bored of You

How to Keep Your Man Interested When You Think He's Bored of You

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Women in whatever age they are will always be anxious about how to make a man notice her. Because we have special, romantic feelings for him.

But is there ever any guarantee that our man shares the same feelings over time?

How do you get him to think of you all the time? What actually makes a woman attractive to men? How do you get your boyfriend or husband to treat you nice and love you even more? The answers you get from your friends,or magazine know-it-alls are just plain wrong.

If you've been eyeing a guy for quite some time then you should go in for the 'kill'.

Yes, ladies, there is a tried and tested rule for conveying your feelings and sentiments to a man. And it is easier than you think.

It's called flirting.

Be natural! Dress up! Go somewhere different. Play with him and make him feel that you are comfortable with any topic. Get talking.That will bring him very close to you.
You don't need to read anymore...Just go out and have fun!

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