How to Keep Pets Safe During Storms and Fireworks

How to Keep Pets Safe During Storms and Fireworks

Talk to your Vet about Medication

cat at vet

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Medication is something that should only be considered after numerous other things have tried and failed. Some pets, however, have extreme anxiety and, in these rare cases, medicine is the kindest option for them. My cat Fuzzy is one of these pets. We do what we can to soothe him and provide him with a safe space, but sometimes stressors just become too much for him to handle. He shows this anxiety by not consistently using his litter box. After much investigation (and use of a black light and Fizzion cleaner), Fuzzy’s vet recommended that we try a cat-sized dose of anti-anxiety medication. We took the time to find the right dosage so that he is calm but not, well, stoned-seeming. We also only use it on an as-needed basis. Always use caution when providing a pet with any medicine (or supplements), and only do so under a veterinarian’s supervision. Note: If your cat is eliminating outside the litter box, please talk to your vet. The issue is more likely to be due to a UTI or severe constipation than anxiety. Always investigate those first.

So, what do you think? Is there anything I am missing? If you have any additional tips or tricks, please leave a comment so that others can benefit from your experience and knowledge.

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