How to Improve Your Luck in 2014

How to Improve Your Luck in 2014


Who doesn’t want a better 2014? I know we all do. We work our bums off each day! But here in the Philippines, aside from wishing, praying and working for a better future, we do a lot of “weird” things to “attract” good fortune.


Superstitions played a big part in my life growing up. My great grandmother believed in a lot of these far-fetched folk traditions and daily life almost always involved a hint of of these practices. “Stop whistling in the dark Jhanis, the bad spirits will follow you home.” or “Sweep the floor while there is still daylight, if you wait till sundown to do it, you will sweep all the good luck out of the house!”.


Many Filipinos no longer practice nor believe in superstitions. Except on New Year’s day that is. People go to great lengths on this day to change their luck or do things to ensure that the incoming year is a prosperous one.


I can’t say they work but I also can’t say they don’t but there is no harm in trying, right?


If you want to improve your luck in 2014, the following practices are said to be effective in attracting good fortune. Now, it’s up to you if  you will  give them a shot.


1. Make as much noise as you can when the clock strikes 12mn on January 1st. The louder, the better. This drives away evil luck, bad spirits and negative vibes from your homes. So go ahead, make use of those pots and pans, light up those fire crackers and blow those horns. Be loud!


2. Open all windows, doors, cabinets and cupboards. This invites good luck to enter your homes.


3. It’s time to bring out all your polka-dots. The round pattern signifies money, and it is said that anybody wearing polka-dots on New Years day will never run out of cash all throughout the year. Sounds good!


POlka dots


4. No chicken dishes on New Year’s day please. Chicken is associated with poverty and if you serve chicken on January 1st, it is said that you will experience scarcity till the end of the year.


5. Are you “vertically” challenged? When the clock strikes 12mn on January 1st, jump around the house. Jump as high as you can as this is said to help add a few centimeters to your height.


6. Serve Pancit on New Year’s day and make sure not to cut the noodles while cooking! This will give you and your family members long and healthy lives. You can also do this on birthdays.


7. Do not spend a single dime on New Year’s day. If you do, cash will easily run out.


8. Prepare 12 round fruits on New Year’s eve and eat this with your family when the clock strikes 12mn. This will bring great fortune to you and your family.


9. Never clean the house on New Year’s day itself. All cleaning must be done on or before the eve. otherwise, you will dust or sweep away the good luck.


10. Fill your wallet and pockets with money or just make sure they are not empty. The more money you have with you when the New Year arrives, the richer you will be in 2014.


11. Hug every stranger you meet on January 1st and greet them a happy new year. Okay, I made that up. DO NOT DO THAT because you might get punched in the face. But smile and laugh a lot on New Year’s day. Be friendly to everybody. Your disposition on the first day of the year will set your frame of mind for  the next 364 days. If you’ve been a grouch, you are so out of fashion. 


Crazy stuff right? Whatever, they are fun to do. What are your family’s New Year’s Day tradition?






Wishing you all a great 2014!



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