5 Ways To Give and Receive More Oral Sex

5 Ways To Give and Receive More Oral Sex


Getting More Oral Sex

So, guys, as you ponder your sexual script, think about what aspect you like most in BJs. Having oral sex for arousal and foreplay is completely different than finishing sex with your cum in her mouth. So, think about these two activities as separate events.

Is your favorite part of a BJ the sensation of the arousal? If so, then use oral during the 7 Stages of foreplay to get her giving you more that way; build it into your sex script as part of normal foreplay, but limit the times you come orally if that isn't her favorite.

And guys, this is your time for the audibles… groan, moan, “Oh baby” it up so she knows you like it.

Ladies, focus on how soft and sensual his cock feels on the roof of your mouth, close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of it sliding in and out. Don’t gag yourself unless, over time, you start enjoying pushing the boundaries.


Image: Victor via Flickr

Guys…with a timid oral gal, do not grab her head and pull her onto you unless she wants you to try this. The trade-off isn't worth it.

And remember: For women who don’t like doing fellatio much, not having it tied to ejaculation every time keeps her from being overwhelmed by it. It’s better if she feels like she is an empowered tigress when she does it, so train her in the ways you need the oral sex without intimidating her.

If coming in your lady’s mouth is really all you want from oral sex, you may need to make sure to give her a rocking orgasm before you go there.

Overall: You can help your woman enjoy oral sex more by

  1. Staying hydrated so your semen is not so thick,
  2. Ejaculating frequently (even daily with or without her)  so your semen volume is less, and
  3. Having a vasectomy when you are done with kids, again for less semen volume in her mouth. The latter is an awesome reason to get a vasectomy!

*Note: This post was updated to include tips on men shaving based on reader feedback. Thanks for reading and commenting!

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves. 

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