How Getting Hit in the Head with a Cup is a Good Thing

How Getting Hit in the Head with a Cup is a Good Thing

When others take care of my son, whether for an afternoon or a few minutes, I'll often get how wonderful he was; the challenges manageable. When someone stands witness to a cup hitting my head, I've gotten the statement: He never does that for me. Seems he always does it for me. After the rage, self-pity, and depression subside (I'm talking seconds); I applaud - a true sign he is growing up.

Trouble - it goes double with T21. Not only does my son have to learn the rules of regular, daily life, he also deals with his own set of genetic rules. What goes on in his thinking each time we attempt a task, it's not always clear. What is known, however, is he's a tough cookie to control.
Though twice the age of the oldest toddler, often acts like one. In addition, his physical skills match kids a bit younger than him. However, there are moments he acts age-appropriate. In any instant, I have no idea which response is coming. I get hints by facial gestures, repetitive experiences, and if he's hungry or not. However, with me, he loves to push boundaries. I'm the punching bag for life.

Why does he throw things at my head while I am driving? I'm guessing a number of reasons:

1. He discovered he's got a good arm.
2. It makes him laugh.
3. I'm that punching bag to take the punches he throws at life: What can I try next in life?

By the look on my face or the tone of my voice, he gets it. In the past, if I got the mad-mom face, he'd just melt and cry. Now, he knows he's crossed a line and is more mature. Someone told me that the success of children is not as much how they behave when they are with you, it is how the act when you are not around. So often I'd beat myself up for failing. If only I knew then it was a sign of success, I could have laughed sooner.

Driving the other day to pick up my daughter from an activity, my son threw his empty cup at my head. It had been awhile. I did the whole "mad-mom" routine (I can switch it on like an actor doing the 37th take for a fried chicken commercial). It didn't take long for him to understand that was not a good thing. So that next time, with me or without, he might choose to hand over the cup instead.