How to Fake Mom Confidence like a Rockstar on the First Day of Kindergarten

How to Fake Mom Confidence like a Rockstar on the First Day of Kindergarten

I am sure you've seen all the posts about preparing your new school-ager for the first day of Kindergarten. My youngest is one of those new kindergartners and the tips have been a great help.

  • she knows my phone number
  • she knows how to put on her clothes unassisted after going to the restroom
  • she knows to raise her hand when she has a question
  • she knows all her letters, colors, and numbers

She still can't tie her shoes though. Since she doesn't own any shoes with shoelaces, we're going to worry about that on another day. Let's talk about you...the mom. Dropping your child off for the first day of kindergarten is one of those "big deals" in motherhood. Your baby is entering a new phase and you won't be there to help her. There may be tears again this year. My tears. I am not ashamed to say that a few tears trickled down my cheek as I drove away and left Pork Chop at "big kids school" last year. It helps that this is my second go around with the whole "new kindergartner" thing. Last year, when Pork Chop was going to kindergarten for the first time, I was an anxious mess. He had about 10 minutes of anxiety the night before the first day of school. I had a 10 hour panic attack. He was going to a school where I didn't know all the teachers, the routines, or the other kids. My kids attended the same daycare from the time they were 8 weeks old until they moved to kindergarten. Their pre-kindergarten teachers were the same women that had changed their diapers as infants. They had moved up from the baby room to preschool by the time my kids got to voluntary pre-kindergarten. I was no longer in my element when it came to the place they would spend a large chunk of their day. But I didn't show the nerves to anyone outside of my friends and family members. Why? Because Pork Chop needed me to be okay. He needed to see me go with the flow and embrace this change in our longtime routine. He went from being the "big man on campus" at his preschool/daycare to being a little kindergartner surrounded by all the "--graders." His backpack was nearly as big as he was.

So in honor of my first back to school and my second first day of kindergarten, here are a few tips so that you can fake mom confidence like a rockstar.

Mom Confidence on the first day of kindergarten Wear something that makes you feel both comfortable and presentable. Those heels may make your legs look stunning, but with all the parents dropping off their kids at school on the first day, you may not be able to find a nearby parking spot. Those legs may start to stun you with every step. Smile Make eye contact with other parents. Some of those parents may have older children so seem like old pros but there will be others who are just as anxious as you. Smile Introduce yourself and your kindergartner to another parent and child. This will help your child feel more comfortable because now she will know someone in their class. Smile Accept assistance from the teacher if needed. If your child has never been to preschool or daycare before, there may be tears and clinging. Don't be embarrassed to accept help from the teacher. Your child won't be the first crying child refusing to let go of Mommy. Let the teacher take the lead, this is what they do. They probably have more experience with first day of school freak outs than you do. So accept the help and Smile You've got this. Now please excuse me while I practice what I preach as my baby girl heads to Kindergarten. I've never been so happy and sad in my life. photo credit