How Do You Teach Kids to Be Kind to Others?

How Do You Teach Kids to Be Kind to Others?

Oh the joys of parenting, of being trusted with the job to raise our children to be decent human beings. It's hard sometimes, especially as those darn kids continue to get older and make friends -- because friends influence thought and action. Steph at I'm Still Learning recently witnessed her kids do something on an outing that made her wonder how on Earth to raise kids who are nice to others.

She worries:

I try, on a regular basis, to talk to my kids about right and wrong. And for the most part, I think they get it. But they’re not always going to make the right decisions. I won’t always be there to give them the evil eye.

So, how do I teach my kids to be nice, even when I’m not there? Is what I’m doing today enough? Do they get it? Really get it?

So I did some research (because that’s when I do when I’m at a loss for what to do next). I’m happy to report: there’s tons of information out there on the topic.

Here’s what I gleaned from my little research project:

Be a role model.

Teaching Kids to Be Kind
Credit: Mitya Kuznetsov.

Steph continued with a bunch of fantastic tips and advice for raising kids who care about others. It's definitely one you'll want to read, save and reference often.

Continue reading "Teaching Kids to Be Nice" at I'm Still Learning.


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