How Do I Handle My Daughter's First Heartbreak?

How Do I Handle My Daughter's First Heartbreak?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My 10-year-old daughter (who's in 4th grade) really likes this boy. Recently, the boy spilled that he likes another girl in my daughter's class. My child is crushed! She stays in her room listening to Taylor Swift songs. When I TRIED to explain that it is only a crush, she took a pillow and hit me with it and continued to blast "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Help!

I Really Can't Listen to Any More Taylor Swift


Broken Heart

Dear I Really Can't Listen to Any More Taylor Swift,

Who does this boy like? Is it Laura Anderson because I had the biggest crush on Andrew Kramer in the 5th grade and we would have lived happily ever after with two kids (Sara and Will) if that damn Laura Anderson hadn't swept in with her Dorthy Hamill hairdo and Charlie's Angel attitude and stolen him away.

Now that I think of it -- Laura Anderson is now 40 something and married so she's probably not the culprit this time around.

But can you remember that feeling? Barely being able to breathe every time that certain boy brushed past you or you know, head butted you in gym class. Just dreamy.

Right now this isn't just a crush to your daughter. So don't make light of it. This boy is the love of her life and it hurts her heart that he doesn't feel the same. Let her know that her pain is real but it will subside and that it's hard to believe but someday she might not even remember this guy's name. Unless she already tattooed it on her ankle. She didn't do that, right?!

As soon as you can, get her out of the house. What's her favorite thing to do? Go do it. Because as we all know, distraction is a great way to deal with heartbreak. oh and finding someone new to crush on. But that will come time.

And if you ever see Andrew Kramer -- please let him know that I am so over him.

Good luck,
Kelcey, TMH

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