How a Dad Loves a Daughter

How a Dad Loves a Daughter

He won't often sit down for heart to heart talks.

But he will make sure that you have safe tires on your car, and he'll even go have them put on for you so you can avoid the smelly tire place.

He won't be up for a chick flick marathon with lots of junk food.

But he will fix your computer on a moment's notice, even when it's probably your fault that it's broken.

He won't always be good with expressing how he feels in words.

But he will hug you hard, he will interrogate your future spouse, he will teach you how to ride a bike (and he will make you get back on when you fall).

He won't know how to tell you what's on his mind.

But he will whisper to you in the dark how proud he is of you, when he thinks you are asleep.

There will be rocky times - between Dads and daughters - there will be times exasperated sighs, eye rolls, and dramatic exits. There will be times when neither one knows how to get through to the other.

But then, you will dance together on your wedding day, he will hold you when your heart is hurting, and you will watch him take care of your  mother with such tenderness that you feel as though your heart is on the outside and you will know you were born of love.

And then one day, you will call him in tears. Because you've had an eyelash stuck on your eye for 6 hours, your eye is swelling and you don't know what to do.

And he will tell you to pop your eye-ball out of your head and remove the eye-lash.

And then you'll ask him to have your Mom call you back when she gets home. 


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