How to Color Sand and Make a Bowl With It

How to Color Sand and Make a Bowl With It

I love colored sand. I have used it to flock ceramic figurines, paint groovy mushrooms, and make funky sand art terrariums.

colored sand bowl

Recently I tried my hand at making my own colored sand. Not only that—I used it to make a nifty bowl for my kids' art supplies.

First let’s talk about colored sand. You can find colored sand at most craft stores. It comes in a variety of fun colors.

colored sand in bags

However, if you really want to up your DIY cred, try making your own. All you need is play sand, fabric dye, and sandwich baggies. Add sand to each baggie and a small amount of mixed dye. Massage baggie to disperse colors. Allow to dry completely.

sand in bags

I have a more detailed tutorial on the I Love to Create blog.

From here what you do with your sand is totally up to you. I filled some funky containers and made a bowl.

sand bowl supplies

Bowl? What? Huh? How? You have seen that infamous sand bowl pin on Pinterest, haven’t you? I thought surely I could make my own with my new fancy colored sand.

Cover a bowl with plastic wrap and set on top of a plastic surface.

wrapped bowl

Cover your bowl with Tacky Glue and add sand. You make have to go back and do spot checks. I could tell already this bowl was not going to look like the pin, but that I was going to love it nonetheless. Allow to dry completely.

drying bowl

Gently peel bowl from plastic wrap-covered mold. Your top edge might be rough, but can easily be trimmed up with scissors.

holding bowl

All that is left to do is fill your bowl with loot and display.

finished bowl

I was surprised by how sturdy the bowl is. I filled that sucker to the rim with craft supplies, and it did not warp or tear.

What are you going to make with your next batch of colored sand?