How To Boost Your Site with a Blog Series

How To Boost Your Site with a Blog Series

Craigslist Chuckles

I currently have a series on my blog called Craigslist Chuckles, where I pick a city every week and pull seven or eight hilarious listings and comment on them. This is fun, easy and predictable for me, which is a big plus—especially on Friday, my publish day. Another benefit is that I get lots of positive feedback, comments, requests to spotlight specific cities, and good traffic. Although I am only on my sixth week, my page views increased 10% month over month in the first month I ran my series. I continued doing the three posts I had already been doing per week, and just replaced one post with my series post.

Parentz Bop

Parentz Bop – Parentz Bop is a fabulous series from Stephanie Sprenger of Mommy, for Real. Stephanie asks readers to submit funny parody song lyrics related to parenting ("You Can’t Always Poop Where You Want," for example) and she performs and records them. I love that she uses her musical background and involves her audience. I also love that the finished product is a video so I don’t even have to use my brain to read anything! Since these are fairly in depth to produce, they roll out about once a month.  I am giddy every time there is a new one.

10-Minute Touch Up

10-Minute Touch UpBlog Clarity publishes a weekly post that provides tips which allow you to improve your blog in 10 minutes. Since I’d rather spend time writing than tweaking my blog, the fact that these are a quick and easy once a week offering really appeals to me.

Blogging Betties Podcast

Blogging Betties Podcast – The Blogging Betties are new, but they have really sucked me in with their weekly series featuring an interview with a different blogger via podcast. I love reading so many blogs, but sometimes it is refreshing to hear from bloggers via something other than writing. I read and interact via social media with the Blogging Betties, because I have branded them in my mind as "the blogger podcast people" and it drew me into everything else they offer.

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday—Although I get my QVC on from time to time, I’m really not too into fashion. In fact, I am really the last person to read anything called Fashion Friday. (If you could see me now, you’d know why.) I recently read The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle, a hilarious book about marriage, where she briefly mentions the Fashion Friday series on her blog. I checked it out and found it to be short and sweet with lots of pics of cool clothes and accessories as well as sale call outs. I realized that maybe I can make a little room for fashion in my blog reading after all.  In this way I was able to extend the pretend friendship I formed with Melanie while reading her book to her blog as well!

Getting Started on Creating a Series

If you would like to add a series to your blog, but are unsure what it should be, my first suggestion is to go back and look at your old posts. Is there something that stands out as far as reader engagement or feedback? Is it something you could make into a series or maybe spin an idea off of?

If you don’t have a lot of readers to give you that kind of data yet, try picking something you’ve enjoyed writing about the most and go in that direction.

If you blog about food and particularly enjoy coming up with recipes, maybe you ask a friend or reader for three of their favorite ingredients each week and come up with your own recipe using them. If you blog about humor and especially enjoy writing about your young kids, maybe you could do a formal interview with them each week on a timely topic and share their responses (if they are under five, it is pretty sure to be pretty funny). If you love to blog about fashion and shopping, put together a weekly post called 5 under $50 (five fabulous finds under $50) or maybe an outfit you put together under $50 total (or whatever the cost). These are all things that should be repeatable of interest to your readers. These are just examples, but you get the idea.

What is your series or your idea for a series? If you are stuck trying to find an idea or want to bounce your ideas off someone, add your idea in the comment section below and we can do some brainstorming.

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