How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

How Staying at Home Saved My Marriage

But I can hear your protests all the way here in Kenya. I'm not saying women should stay at home in order to have a happy marriage. I'm only saying that the division of labor has been more predictable and easier to negotiate for us, with one of us (and it could have been either of us) more solidly in the domestic domain.

Maybe other couples have this "second shift" of domestic labor figured out. Maybe they order take out and hire a maid. Maybe one of them doesn't expect that much help in the first place and is less disappointed as a result. Maybe their talents and preferences for chores fall neatly into mutually exclusive camps. It didn't work that way for us.

I'm not going to stay at home forever, and I look forward to going back to work. But I don't look forward to having the the household responsibilities squeezed again and pointing accusing fingers at one another. Maybe by then we'll have a better plan. Maybe by then we can put some of the kids to work for us...


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