Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Wednesday was Hollywood Studios day!  Another day, another wake-up from Olaf, so Emmy was in heaven.  We were up even earlier today as the park had magic hours from 8-9 that we did not want to miss out on!  Skip and Emmy filled up our resorts cups {coffee for us, hot chocolate for her} and we headed out!

I learned my lesson from the day before, and packed the baby carrier I had for Charlie.  Since we only had the stroller while in the park, the walk to and from the parking lot got old quick when I had to pick up Charlie.  Thankfully I had picked this carrier that goes up to toddler size a few months earlier.  Anything to help with constantly picking up a 35lb toddler!

It has been a long time since I was last at Hollywood Studios, and really don't remember much.  So we just kind of wandered around at first.  We ran into a few characters here and there and would wait if the line wasn't too long.



We headed over to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids experience area...really more for me than the kids.  I loved that movie when I was little!  The girls had a really good time though.


We then went to check out the replica of the Chinese theater, but the girls were less than impressed.  I quick popped around taking a few pictures and then headed off with them again.

We let Emmy get her face-painted next {Charlie wanted nothing to do with it} and girl was in love!! They really did a fantastic job, and Emmy felt very fancy all day.



It was time for us to head over to the Disney Jr. show next.  Charlie wasn't too sure about sitting down and waiting, but she was enthralled with it once it started!  She just stood there mesmerized the entire time!


Woah Florida hair..also Emmy bought me that necklace in the morning, so of course I wore it all day!


Next it was off to lunch at Hollywood and Vine!  This was one of my favorite lunches in Disney.  It was a delicious buffet lunch.  It was a character meal, so lots of the Disney Jr. characters came around to the table.  They also had little songs and dances throughout lunch was well.  Charlie was still not a huge fan, but would at least wave and smile from the table.  Baby steps.








We headed back to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids area again after lunch.



Life at Disney, attempting to wrangle to little ladies

Then we went to take some pictures with Mator and Lightning from Cars!  Charlie even refused to go near them...oh well!

We did a little shopping then and headed over to Toy Story Mania.  Thankfully we had a Fast Pass for that as well, as lines get really long there.  Both girls {and Skip and I!} loved it!  Definitely a must-do while you're there.

Skip and Emmy's scoreboard.  I actually had the highest score of the car....around 155,000 I think?

When we got out of there, it was pouring again {thankfully we had ponchos and umbrellas this time!}.  There were only one or two more things we had wanted to do, and the girls were getting pretty whiny, so we just decided to cut our day short a bit and headed back to the hotel.

Charlie fell asleep in the car and took a little nap when we got back.  So Emmy and Skip headed off to the resort arcade for a bit. {and I got to catch up on Pretty Little Liars!}


After they got back it had cleared up a bit, so it was time for some swimming!!  I swear those girls were becoming less human and more fish on this trip!

Afterwards, we had dinner at the quick service restaurant at our resort, and then just hung out in the room for a while before bed.



Animal Kingdom was on deck the next day!

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