Holiday Knit ideas and projects for beginners

Holiday Knit ideas and projects for beginners


Hello lovelies! It feels great to finally finished my very first knit project. I made a cute little cowl for my sweetheart,  gray yarn 60 cm Length / 25 cm Width. It looks nice but I am still not sure yet if he will like it or not :-) but as a beginner I really challenged myself to do  the 2 all Knit and 2 Purls pattern to make something look good for a beginner skill. And it took me quite sometime to finish it as I am still slow in my hand movement with the sticks. It only gets faster and better with practise. 
So here I gathered these ideas for some of you who are intrested like me in house and holiday projects, alternative handmade gift or just for the sake of trying new challenging hobbies. And by the way Its great to have hobbies added to your weekly activites, it fills your free time with something meaningful and make you feel good about yourself. 
So here I present my next project which I am willing to add as a new product to my E-shop this winter. Simple knited white and beige yarn scarfs 120 cm Length 20 cm Width -  Patterns : Stockinette StitchGarter Stitch and Rice (Moss) Stitch Pattern , just as shown in the pictures above. So if you are willing to learn for the first time or improve your knitting skills you dont have to sign up for a course or something, simply try to join a knit club to keep you inspired and motivated, gather and collect small projects to your pintrest board or bookmarks ext.. and watch some of the many knitting videos on youtube that can show you all details of how to start until how to cast off your project. 
Enjoy it!

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