(VIDEO) Highlights From Black Fridays Past

(VIDEO) Highlights From Black Fridays Past

It's Black Thursday, which we used to know as "Thanksgiving," but it seems this year the C-level execs have decided to maximize prices and minimize their employees' turkey time by starting those sales EARLY. But the prices are so tempting, aren't they? Here's a look at the ghost of Black Fridays past to examine while you're digesting your mashed potatoes, eyeing the circulars and trying to decide if you're really going to leave the house in a few hours.

Last year, a man at Walmart ended up getting tazed and restrained on Black Friday.

Said a bystander:

"This was my first Black Friday shopping experience and I'll never forget what I saw. You see sides of people that they themselves didn't even know existed."

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Then there are the lines.

Black Friday line

Credit Image: Marianne O'Leary on Flickr

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There are fights, and then there is just the general shoving mayhem that results from too many humans trying to go through too small of a door-hole.

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This kid is the Mayor of the Best Buy line. He waited in the cold for three days to get a TV.

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It's interesting that the day originally called Black Friday happened in 1869 when the gold market plunged and sent droves of people into financial ruin. Or, um, hmm. Have things changed? Do we really need that $88 24" LED? Or at least, do we need it enough to fight for it? I think I'm going to sit on my in-laws' couch and digest.

Otherwise, I might have to deal with this.

Do you have any crazy Black Friday stories? Are you going?

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